Can I go horseback riding in France under the Covid semi-containment rules?

Reader’s Question: Can we go horseback riding? The equestrian centers that we usually use are more than 10 km from our home. Which certification box do we cross if so?

It is always possible to practice horse riding because it is an individual sport but if you are not a member of the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) then you will have to stay within 10km of your home.

For non-members, you can go horseback riding if you stay within 10 km of your home, keep a distance of two meters between yourself and other people, and do not gather in a group of more than six people.

You can either take proof of address with you – read our article on eligible proofs here – or complete a travel declaration, by checking the option: Physical activity, outdoor activities, walks (within a radius of 10 kilometers from your home).

If you are a member of the FFE, you can drive anywhere in the department where you live or within 30 km of your home if you cross a different department because you live near the border.

In this case, you will need to bring two forms.

The first is the official government attestation, the same form as mentioned above. However, this time you have to choose the option: Health (consultations and care).

You will also need a certificate which will be provided to you by your equestrian center.

First of all, you need to book a riding session, which you can do on the FFE web portal. Then you will have to print the special certificate and bring it with you to your equestrian center and have it signed by the director of the stables.

You can find a complete guide on how to do it at this link (in French). For all other questions, you should contact your equestrian center directly.

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