Changes to the rules of the road ensure safer riding on the roads –

Changes to the rules of the road ensure safer riding on the roads

Changes to the new traffic laws ensure safer riding on the roads, with a change expected to come into effect in January 2022.

In the new version of the Highway Code, there will be a “hierarchy of road users”. The hierarchy will be based on the principle that those who have the capacity to cause the most harm have the greatest responsibility.

Pedestrians, emphasizing children and the elderly, will be at the top of the hierarchy. Next come the cyclists and horse riders, heavy goods vehicles and buses arriving at the bottom of the pyramid.

The hierarchy is also applicable to junctions. Drivers should allow riders and others to approach and cross a crossroads, while they wait in a safe space.

Horse overtaking distances have also been set as well as overtaking speeds. 2m clearance for pedestrians and horses, at a top speed of 15mph has been set. If this authorization is not possible, the driver will have to wait until it is.

In the event of an accident, this means that it can be made clearer who is at fault, although there are no new infractions under the directive.

Other rules of the road for riders include making sure all upholstery is properly fitted and in good condition. It is not recommended to ride without a saddle or bridle. In addition, before considering taking a horse on the road, it is essential to ensure that the rider can control the horse, also defined by the Code. It is recommended that people who are inexperienced or have not ridden for a while to consider winning the BHS Ride Safe Award.

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