“Horseback riding is fun and great for your health” – ACP Nataraj at the 5th Anniversary of Mluru Riding Academy

“Horseback riding is fun and great for your health” – ACP Nataraj at the Mangaluru Riding Academy 5th Anniversary, near Kadri Park, Mangaluru, Monday January 3, 2022.

Mangaluru: To an observer, horseback riding can give the impression that all the rider has to do is sit in the saddle. And the horse keeps moving, there is a lot more to riding than you might expect. The benefits of horseback riding are immense physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s not to say it’s a great way for like-minded people to profit from the campaign. In a sport largely foreign to the masses, Mangaluru has played host to some of the country’s best talent ever produced, and aside from many other sports, the coastal city has many who have adopted horseback riding as a sport, and thanks to Mangaluru Horse Riding Academy (MHRA), and the young man behind this academy is Avinand Anchanahally, 30 years old. .

It should be noted that when Avinand Anchanahalli was doing his High School Leaving Diploma (MSW) in Roshni Nilya, Mangaluru, he rode to college daily, making a difference in society to raise awareness about pollution, save money. fuel and energy, and spread the message about caring for animals and keeping society green and healthy. Avinand is the son of a farmer AL Vijaya Vivekananda, who is also a coffee farmer with a coffee plantation in Mudigere / Sakleshpur; and KU Roopa, a housewife. Avinand has only one younger sister, Adamya, who studied engineering in Bangalore.

Avinand was also general secretary of PG All College Students Association for the year 2104-15. He was also Director of the Malnad Youth Association and President of the College Union of St Aloysius College Mangaluru in 2010-11. Originally from Mudigere, he did most of his schooling in Bangalore, but received his university education at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru. He was a good volleyball player in the “Libro” position and participated in various extracurricular activities.

Avinand has a great love for animals and birds, he has a great variety of birds, a few well behaved dogs and now owns a couple of horses. Since childhood Avinand had a passion for horses since his family then owned horses. Avinand says: “To keep the environment clean and pollution-free, I wanted to set an example for others about how enjoyable and healthy it is to ride a horse than to ride a bike or drive a car. While riding a horse, you will be able to get acquainted with equestrian therapy, get in physical shape and, moreover, you will develop a love for animals and also learn to care and care for animals. My main intention while riding my horse in college then was to save fuel / energy and reduce noise / air pollution ”.

After college, now working at MCF in the human resources department, Avinand had established a Riding Academy in Mangaluru five years ago and had trained over 700 young and old in horseback riding. This Academy is the only one of Dakshina Kannada. His riding hobby reached him to greater heights, where he competed in various riding events – and that in 2019, where he competed in the show jumping final at Equestrian Premier League. (EPL) held in Bengaluru, organized by Embassy International Riding School, Bengaluru.

MHRA has built a record of success by training over 700 students over the past five years. He made his stars steady by winning the Embassy Premier League show jumping competitions by his enthusiastic young riders. MHRA consists of breeds like Thoroughbred, Marwari, Kathiawari and is also home to many animals and birds with its exceptional atmosphere. The MHRA is well known for igniting the most remarkable athletes with influential riding and remarkable riders. The MHRA has set the example that a small crowd of individuals can leave a significant legacy. Therefore, joining the Mangaluru Horse Riding Academy is your entry into a unique world with exposure to cross country treks, beach walks, city walks and horseback safaris.

The 6th anniversary was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp and releasing white pigeons into the air by ACP (Traffic) chief guest Nataraj, joined by other dignitaries on the stage, namely -Dinesh Holla- a environmentalist; Roy Prakash Simson, owner of Simson Gun-Bajpe; Ganesh MP – Owner of Guardian Builders; AL Vijaya Vivekananda-father of Avinand; and Shakila Kava-the local parish corporator. MHRA students who have excelled in various equestrian competitions were honored on this occasion, and the MHRA 2022 desk calendar was also released by the guest of honor on this occasion. A short video of the existence and achievements of the MHRA was shown, which was enthusiastically applauded by the audience.

In his inaugural address, ACP lead guest Nataraj said: “Mangaluru has always been a step forward with all kinds of sports, like surfing, kayaking, other outdoor sports, and added to these sports , this academy which trains young and old to horseback riding. is a major asset for the city. I must congratulate the young and energetic Avinandan for his efforts and hard work in starting this Riding Academy which has benefited many. Even in police training, we have horseback riding as part of our training, which is an integral part of the police academy ”.

“Horseback riding is fun and great for your health. some benefits of horseback riding are: calorie burning; Good for mental health; Strengthens your core; Improves your breathing; Speed ​​up your reactions, among many other benefits. Horseback riding sounds like a lot of fun. It’s not hard to see why people fall in love with it. But as you’ve no doubt heard friends teasing, the horse does all the work, doesn’t it? It can’t be so good for your health and fitness as a passenger. But once you start riding, you can show the facts you need to prove the skeptics wrong. So think about horseback riding and make horseback riding your other sport, ”added ACP Nataraj.

Dinesh Holla and Ms. Shakila Kava also took the floor and congratulated Avinandan for his efforts in establishing the academy, as well as his achievements. The vote of thanks was taken by Akshith Shetty, a former MHRA student, and Ms. Suhana Sayyad read the names of the students who were honored on the occasion.

Ma Sapna Lasrado, the parent of Rishon, 11, and Miss Reniece, 6, who are training at the MHRA, said on this occasion: “At the beginning, I was very apprehensive that my children would join the academy… after watching some videos of my nephew on horseback. the horse and a little bit of Instagram research and reviews from parents I had my kids listed. What impressed me the most was the individual care and attention given to the learners. Much importance is placed on the safety of budding riders. The challenges are many because we live in Kinnigoli and traveling every day to the academy is not easy because my children are still small, one is 6 years old and the other 11 years old, but my children do not want not give up because a lot of motivation and encouragement are given to them at the academy. As parents, we are very grateful to Avinand and his team.

So now you know that there are so many health benefits of horseback riding, you don’t have to feel guilty about being out of the house for hours on end to practice your favorite hobby! Join the Mangaluru Horse Riding Academy and feel the difference!

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