Mathukutty, 70, rides his horse ‘Monu’ every day | Horse riding in Kozhikode

Perambra: Not a day goes by that Mathukutty, from Chakkittapara, does a ride on his horse ‘Monu’. Horse riding is a real craze for this retired teacher even at 70 years old. Sometimes he even covers miles on horseback. Mathukutty also has many types of horse-drawn carriages that can accommodate up to 6 people.

Monu is also taken to the festivals that take place around the locality. Mathukutty even participates in processions to other states on his horse. He says that for long journeys the horse is transported to its destination in a vehicle and then it is ridden there.

Mathukutty’s relationship with horses began at a very young age. His father Ittikunju was a farmer and owned a horse. He had enjoyed horseback riding since he was in school. His family moved from Kottayam to Chakkittapara in 1967. The family continued to breed horses. There were also times when they had up to 4 horses.

Mathukutty was a Hindi teacher at St. Thomas High School in Koorachunde. While working as a teacher, he went to school in his horse-drawn carriage, which was a source of fun for the students and other teachers.

His sons Reji and Roji know horseback riding but don’t think of it like Mathukutty. Although Mathukutty has other vehicles at home, he prefers to travel on horseback.

He usually goes to Coimbatore, Pollachi, Bengaluru etc to buy good horses. A good horse costs around Rs 1.25 lakh. Mathukutty has looked after almost 20 horses in his life.

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