Online loan without GFI checking?

I won’t hide, I don’t have a very favorable loan history. everything because of the business I did, which brought me quite a lot of losses and ended up with debts to various institutions.

Need a loan


I am currently out of work, I work full time. I need a loan – preferably without checking GFI, preferably via the Internet. what does it look like in practice?

could anyone have done this before and were able to recommend it? That would also interest me. How is this done in practice? Is it really the case that during verification loan companies can check GFI (or other registers of debtors) without my knowledge.

Installment cost

As a customer, do I have to explicitly agree to this? Because often in the offers these are loans advertised as without GFIs. The question is what the practice looks like. Remember that the risk included in the loan taken without GFIs is included in the installment cost.

Loans without GFIs are simply more expensive. After all, everyone can buy a subscription in debtors’ registers and check who, how much and where they are in debt. I have a friend who works in such a department in a bank who deals with customer verification quickly.

Submits a loan application


It consists of the fact that someone submits a loan application, for installments, a loan – and there they are tasked to screen the person, check the debtors’ databases and issue a recommendation to grant or not grant a loan. This is more or less how it is done.

As far as I know, GFI or other debtors’ registers are a secondary matter. You really have to try to get your hands off and not get a loan. Come on, calm down, someone who has a dirty credit history, there is not much to count on a loan. It’s about credibility, or rather its lack.

Of course, there are companies that will grant a loan to such a person, but it will be a more expensive loan. I think it’s obvious.

After completing the loan application, they have a dozen or even several dozen minutes for the first, quick verification of a given client … usually, it is done after the personal identification number, whether it is not in the registers of debtors. And basically, this ends the entire verification procedure.

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