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At Peaceful Acres, a female and veteran owned equine facility, there is almost 30 years of experience working and sharing knowledge about horses.

But Peaceful Acres, 8022 Cedar Creek Road in Temple, is more than a local riding school for area residents.

It is also an equine rescue center, adoption center and non-profit boarding school, and offers educational classes, horse camps, Bit ‘N Bridle badges for Girl Scouts, birthday parties, photo shoots, easy breaking up and training classes.

“We are giving the community a chance to spend time with the equines, learn more about them, ride them, fall in love and adopt them,” according to the Peaceful Acres website.

Last week, Peaceful Acres announced that Sir Duke – one of its rescue horses – has found its ‘forever home’ and is currently acclimating to its new owners.

“A fresh start, in a loving home,” Peaceful Acres posted on his Facebook. “I couldn’t ask for better. Thank you for giving him this wonderful home.

The equine facility also recently expressed this gratitude to all who have adopted through them.

“Each of you is amazing,” said Peaceful Acres. “I’m so glad you found us and fell in love with one, two or three of our amazing rescues. I can’t wait for them… to start making memories. You have made this year a banner year for us so far. Enjoy your new babies.

While Peaceful Acres continually makes progress in its equine rescue and adoption efforts, it still takes pride in its stature as a teaching stable.

“If you have a youngster who loves horses, wants to be a vet, run an equine center or just have his own horse, this is where he will learn everything there is to learn about these amazing creatures and what to do with them. will have fun doing it safely, ”according to Peaceful Acres.

This educational component includes teaching riders proper horse safety, pre-riding care, how to buckle up equipment, and the differences between gait and quarter type horses.

“They will learn (this) difference and be able to experience the difference throughout their time with us,” according to Peaceful Acres.

Peaceful Acres is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Prospective riders can request a quote for the services by phone at (254) 563-0031 or by email at [email protected]

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