Quiz: what breed of horse are you?


Of course, every horse is an individual, but over the years teammates have come to lovingly recognize certain cliché characteristics that can seem to occur in some breeds. With that in mind, take this quiz just for fun and very unscientific and see which breed of horse your personality resembles the most.

You just heard a loud and scary noise. Are you brave?

  1. Anyway, I’m not waiting to find out.
  2. Today, it doesn’t bother me. Tomorrow maybe.
  3. Let’s explore the noise. Maybe food.
  4. What noise ?

What is your attitude towards food? Would you like a snack right now?

  1. Yeah, let’s dig!
  2. I’m hungry, but not for this food.
  3. I have eaten before, but of course, why not?
  4. OK. No matter.

You just walked past something you’ve seen a thousand times. What’s going through your mind?

  1. Monster!
  2. Yesterday it wasn’t scary, but TODAY IT IS!
  3. Is there any food in it?
  4. It’s a wheelbarrow. I have seen it a thousand times.

What is your attitude to exercise?

  1. Let’s go! We have nothing, nothing!
  2. I’ll do it as long as it’s not uncomfortable.
  3. Let’s have a good time! Work is fun!
  4. If you want me to work, then okay. Otherwise, I’ll relax.

Are flies bothering you?

  3. No, I can eat anything.
  4. You’re right, there are a lot of flies. I did not notice.

You are at a horse show. What is your favorite class?

  1. Halter, of course.
  2. English pleasure.
  3. Lead line.
  4. I wouldn’t mind staying here, but if you want to go, that’s fine.

You are on a hike. Do you ride English or Western?

  1. I can do either!
  2. English, of course.
  3. Versatility is the name of the game.
  4. What if I was just wearing your gear?

If you answered mostly A’s, you are an Arab. You are athletic and energetic, but somewhat shy and in need. Because of this, you sometimes have a hard time channeling your energy in the right ways. But your charm and charisma make it easy for you to make new friends.

Of race

If you answered mostly B’s, you are a thoroughbred. You are athletic and hardworking, but sometimes you can be picky about things. Your wayward ways mean that you sometimes miss out on some of life’s good experiences, so try to stay loose.

Welsh pony

If you answered mostly C’s, you are a Welsh pony. You’re full of cum and love to have fun, but you also have a lazy side. Food is important to you, but having a good time is too. You may need to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted so easily.

If you answered mostly Ds, you are a County. You are gentle, calm and pleasant, but your leadership skills can be a bit weak. You often depend on others to make decisions, but once a goal is clear, you are reliable.

Disclaimer: This quiz is intended to be just for fun, and not a serious depiction of a horse breed.

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