Shania Twain rides on TV with Paralympian Natasha Baker

  • Multi-Paralympic medalist Natasha Baker put Grammy-winning country star Shania Twain to the test on horseback.

    In the Sunday night episode (November 7) of ITV The pet show Canadian singer Shania joined Natasha in her backyard in Uxbridge, west London, where she learned dressage. The couple were in “horse heaven” as they discussed Natasha’s riding skills and Shania’s love for freedom work.

    Natasha said H&H when she agreed to appear on the show which celebrates “the UK’s animal obsession” and is hosted by Dermot O’Leary and Joanna Page, she was unsure which star would join her.

    “When I was told it was Shania, I immediately said ‘Well, that doesn’t impress me much!’, And that’s when the puns started. and they still haven’t finished! ” she said.

    “He’s a bit of a legend of our generation, I remember singing his songs at school. The set was pretty surreal, we were so busy chatting, I think we were driving the film crew crazy. We continued on tangents, it was like talking to a long lost friend.

    In the episode, filmed before the Tokyo Paralympics, Natasha rode Keystone Dawn Chorus (Lottie) with whom she won individual silver in the Grade III freestyle and team gold at the Games, while Shania mounted the livery Sue Martin, 12 years old. Millie mare.

    “Not many people can say Shania rode their horse – I was a little jealous! She asked to edit Lottie but we were filming a week before the final selection for Tokyo at Hartpury International, so I couldn’t risk something going wrong, ”Natasha explained.

    “I knew Shania was on horseback and she has had horses in her music videos before. She does most of her business freely and without a bride and is very fond of minimal aids, so I think she found it fascinating that I was doing the things I do with Lottie without using my legs. The producers told us that Shania had a very tight schedule and had to be off at a specific time and I think she was still there two hours after the shoot. She took out her laptop and was showing me videos of her horses, she was really adorable.

    Natasha has been invited to meet Shania Twain’s horses in the future.

    “Its main base is in Switzerland, and I go out to Switzerland to ski with my owner Christian [Landolt]. She said when we got there we had to give her a phone call to go see her ranch there, which would be amazing. She also invited us to Las Vegas where she has a farm, so hopefully one day we can make it happen! “

    The Pet Show airs Sundays at 5:35 p.m. on ITV and previous episodes can be caught catch-up on the ITV hub.

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