Teenager Turlock on horseback dies in accident


A teenage Turlock hit by a truck while riding a horse died on Saturday, her family said. “We are torn. Our worst fear has come true, ”Summer Vigil-Gardner’s mother Regina told The Bee in a text Sunday morning.

Summer, 19, was sent to Doctors Medical Center after suffering a serious brain injury from Wednesday’s crash. She had no brain activity and was removed from the resuscitation system.

“My little girl fought so hard,” her mother said, and now Summer’s siblings are in pain that she cannot take away. “As a mother, it’s the worst feeling.”

Summer and her family were so close, never letting a day go by without saying “I love you” and being together even if only through a video call, Regina Gardner-Vigil said. And while Summer was on life support, “I’ve been here with my daughter day and night (and) I want to go with her.”

Summer attended Pitman High School and dreamed of a horse since she was a child, her mother, Regina Vigil-Gardner said. She gave Riggs to Summer for her 18th birthday. The two were inseparable, Vigil-Gardner said last week, and she has ridden or walked Riggs on a route near their home for the past year on a daily basis.

The teenager was driving Riggs on their regular route when the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado struck him on Wednesday morning, Vigil-Gardner said. Riggs died at the scene.

Just an hour before the crash, Vigil-Gardner said she pulled over next to best friends and told her daughter to get home safely and move her goat to another pen. As they spoke, Riggs stuck his face in the car to say hello, she said.

Her daughter stood up for people and didn’t sweeten things up when she saw someone do something she thought was wrong, Vigil-Gardner said. She gave food to the homeless and was really in contact with the animals. She recently begged to adopt a three-legged pig, telling her mother the pig would be killed otherwise.

“She still wants to do stuff for other people all the time,” Vigil-Gardner said. “If she sees a stray dog, she jumps out of the car, grabs him and we make sure that if he has tags, we take him to the pound, have him scanned and see what we need to do to find his. owners. ”

Summer wanted to work at a veterinary hospital in the future, Vigil-Gardner said. She was planning to enroll in an adult program because she had not completed high school during the pandemic.

For medical and legal costs, the family asks donations on GoFundMe. The family are considering suing the driver who hit them, she added. The driver, Isaac Leal of Delhi, 27, told investigators he was looking for a bottle of water and only saw Summer at the last minute, authorities previously told The Bee.

“It could have been avoided,” Vigil-Gardner said last week. “This is something that should never have happened to anyone under any circumstances. It is negligence. “

In her text on Sunday, Summer’s mother added, “He will be able to see, call and return to his family. I’ll have to wait until I’m called home in paradise to see my baby girl.

This story was originally published August 15, 2021 9:24 a.m.

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