The “concrete cowboys” have a new home, new riding programs

Erin Brown, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy, with a young rider. PURA will run its programs out of Dream Park in New Jersey during construction of its new facility. © PURA

Philadelphia’s “Concrete Cowboys” have a new home in neighboring New Jersey while their own new equestrian center is being developed.

The use of Dream Park in Logan Township, 20 minutes away, allows the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy (PURA) to launch its flagship programs this month. The new temporary base has been established with the help of Irish rider Kevin Babington, Missy Clark of North Run Farm and Dream Park manager Flossie Ale, and will remain the home of PURA until the new Cobbs facility. Creek be completed in Philadelphia later this year.

PURA’s programs starting this month will include riding lessons (hunting seat and stock seat), concrete junior cowboys and cowgirls, as well as natural riding lessons and clinics. The Junior Concrete Cowboys and Cowgirls program will include lessons in riding, barn management, horse breeding and grooming, equine first aid and anatomy / physiology.

PURA was founded by the producers and directors of the film Idris Alba Concrete cowboy to preserve the heritage and culture of the city’s urban black cowboys.

The group started on A New Beginning for Philly Youth Fundraiser last year in partnership with “Concrete to Show Jumping” which was created by PURA Executive Director Erin Brown and Missy Clark. The campaign is helping to raise $ 2 million for the new permanent facility in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia.

The new facility will provide stables for 20 to 25 horses, paddocks and an indoor arena, as well as recreational space for other youth and veteran programs.

PURA says the new facility “will provide a unique space for children, adolescents and adults to experience horses up close and in a personal way.”

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