The greatest horse racing victories in history

You all know horse betting is extremely popular. In the UK it is one of the 3 most popular sports and has been for a long time. It is also popular among GamStop bettors who use NonGamStopSlots Bookies UK. Below we are going to see some people who made their fortunes betting on horse racing. It might give you inspiration and ideas if you decide to place a bet and have a good time.

Steve Whitely: £ 1.45million

In March 2011, Steve Whitely won an impressive £ 1.45million from the UK South Coats. The best part is that he did it by placing only a £ 2 bet! As you can agree, it’s mind-blowing and even today he’s the biggest winner of the period. Steve is a local heating contractor and has placed dividend bets. Another interesting fact is that if he placed the Accumulator, the same size bet he would win, even more, £ 1.7million in fact.

Of course, luck has had a lot to do here and this is one of the best known examples. But, you can try to do the same. Horse racing allows you to predict the outcome if you know certain things and you can still maximize your chances. It is a skill that needs time to develop, but it is very effective and as you can see it can be very rewarding. Needless to say, Steve’s life changed dramatically after the big win.

Conor Murphy: £ 1million

Conor Murphy won £ 1million in 2011. He placed a bet of £ 50 which is higher than some other bettors. But, it is always a small bet especially if we compare the winning result. He won a huge amount of money. Conor bet on 5 horses. But, all of these horses were trained by his boss. He knew that the horses are well trained and that they will do well. Of course, he had no idea that they were going to be the stars of the event.

The best was placed at bet365, one of the leading sports betting companies in the UK and most parts of the world. But, he kept his job and worked hard. However, later he moved to the United States. He always places bets and enjoys one or two wins. The aforementioned bet was capped at £ 2million.

Fred Craggs: £ 1million

Another prime example of massive horse betting wins is Fred Craggs. He earned £ 1million in 2008 and literally became a millionaire. He did it at 60, which is even more impressive. He placed a versatile bet that was only 50p. Yes, he made all that money by investing just 50p. Some races had odds of 2 million / 1 and he won that as well.

He didn’t know he had won. In fact, he only realized it when he went to another betting shop closer to his home. There he saw that his slip made him a millionaire. The first horse he bet on was called Isn’t That Lucky and the last one was called A Dream Come True. A pleasant and inspiring story for lack of a better word.

Unknown winner: £ 986,807

Not all winners will share their name or reveal their identity. Some of them want to stay hidden and ‘stealthy’, while others simply choose facilities outside the UK because sometimes it is easier to place a bet. This is done because they don’t advertise and want to stay ordinary. This is the case of the anonymous winner who won almost a million pounds in 2013. The person placed a small bet of 10 pounds.

The bet was placed on Paddy Power and it is still the biggest win in history. There is not much data regarding the bettor and the bet due to the aforementioned fact. All we know is that he made a huge amount of money and turned his life into something much better and more interesting.

Unknown winner: £ 823,000

He’s another bettor who is anonymous and he wanted to stay that way. He won a huge amount of money in 2017. The bettor did some interviews and he said he has been betting for 20 years. Now he has finally won a big amount.

The bet was small at just £ 19. But, the payout was huge and it is still considered one of the biggest payouts in the betting business. The odds were low and not very attractive. But, the stranger did. Yes, he still bets and occasionally he will win again.

The last word

These winners should help you figure out some things. Massive gains are possible during big horse events. You need a lot of luck and knowledge to place a proper bet. But, at the end of the day, you can do it. A single gain of this amount will be enough to change your life. It should also help you understand that horse racing is fair and that you will get your winnings. As such, you can place a bet whenever you want and enjoy the thrill.

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