What is your horse breed identifier?


Read each of the five descriptions below and decide which one looks the most like you. At the end, find your equine ID.

1. Your long, thick locks of raven hair are often compared to those of a young Elizabeth Taylor. Indeed, you have the posed self-support of a movie star. Unlike your imposing presence, you are actually quite gentle and generous, traits that have won you many friends. Yet these same friends are not above fits of jealousy. They can’t wait to tell newcomers to the barn that no matter how beautiful and sophisticated you look, under your boots and panties you have really hairy legs.

2. It is true that you have to buy riding clothes from the Big Gals section, but no one will ever call you overweight. Simply put, you are just fat. No diet will ever give you a petite figure or allow you to fit a boot smaller than a shoe size 10. That’s okay, because your good heart and infectious laughter are also a size bigger. It’s also in your nature to be a workaholic – you volunteer to clean stalls, transport friends to shows, and shear school horses. You have countless barn buddies, and just because they need you to help them move their overloaded trunk or food bags out of their car doesn’t mean you have to. No, they love you just to be you.

Frisian horse

3. When you’re not horseback riding, you participate in other sporting activities, from soccer to gymnastics, and you are all successful. With that versatility comes a certain dose of scrappiness – you never catch the flu that goes around the barn or hurt yourself when a greenie throws you. Such an exciting life produces colorful stories, which you happily tell at barn parties. On holiday night last year, you showed off your latest tattoo. You decided a long time ago that body art was the appropriate compensation for inheriting thin, wispy hair.

4. You are a little dynamo. Despite your small size, you are happy to jump on a 17-handed warmblood and jump on a course. Your goal is to prove that size doesn’t matter in the horse riding world. This kind of determination is captivating. But because you keep your privacy there is an aura of mystery surrounding your life away from the barn, which leads to gossip in the sleepers. No one knows your background or your family history. Inevitably, someone will exclaim, “What’s wrong with his annual trip to Virginia? Every summer she has this strange obligatory swim in the Atlantic! “

5. Although you spend most of your time in the barn, your entire house is decorated with a country cow theme. Your heart belongs to your horse, but your mind seems obsessed with cattle. Fortunately, your cow collection doesn’t decrease the number of riding buddies you have. As you are comfortable in any type of saddle, you are always ready to participate in any equestrian activity, whether it is a hike, a show jumping course. or a barrel race. While you might not be the most glamorous girl in the barn, you secretly cherish the way your hindquarters fill a pair of tight jeans. Kim Kardashian would be jealous.

RATING: Are you ready to find out your equine ID? Look for the number of the description that best suits you and see which breed or type of horse it corresponds to:

  1. Although you look dramatic and imposing, in reality you are quite charming (albeit a bit hairy). Your equine identifier is: the Frisian.
  2. Due to your good character, reliable work ethic, and strong stature, your Equine ID is: a workhorse.
  3. Your colorful personality and decorative body art make you the party life. Your equine ID is: Appaloosa.
  4. You are small, brave, and apparently a good swimmer. Your equine ID is: Chincoteague pony.
  5. Aside from the cow collection, you have a nice personality. Your equine ID is: American Quarter Horse.

During her long career performing on the hunter-jumper circuit, CINDY HALE has won over 20 medals in hunting seat riding. She is currently a judge at local and regional open horse shows.

This article originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe !

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