William Shatner went horseback riding with Jeff Bezos before the space flight

  • William Shatner rode with Jeff Bezos the day before his Blue Origin launch, his winger said.
  • Don DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego Bikes, spent a week with Shatner before and after his space flight.
  • Shatner, 90, slept two hours before the launch and continued until the evening, according to DiCostanzo.

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William Shatner, the oldest person to explode in space, barely slept before his Blue Origin space flight and rode with Jeff Bezos 24 hours before takeoff, according to Don DiCostanzo, who has him. accompanied throughout the trip.

Shatner, who is famous for his role as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek”, exploded in space on October 13 with three other passengers, aboard a New Shepard rocket manufactured by Blue Origin, the space exploration company. by Bezos.

DiCostanzo, CEO and founder of Pedego Electric Bikes, spent seven days as a Shatner winger, traveling with the 90-year-old from New York to Van Horn, where Blue Origin is based.

Shatner is the spokesperson for Pedego and agreed to have DiCostanzo be his winger and help him charter a private jet to Texas, DiConstanzo said.

Don DiCostanzo next to William Shatner

William Shatner with his winger Don DiCostanzo

Don DiCostanzo

DiCostanzo said he had known Shatner for eight years and they were good friends.

The launch was supposed to take place on October 12, but it was delayed by one day due to high winds. According to DiCostanzo, Shatner spent the day riding with Bezos at the billionaire’s ranch.

DiCostanzo said: “They have become very good friends from what I could tell.”

Shatner has the energy of a 20-year-old, DiCostanzo told Insider.

“On launch day, I understand he slept less than two hours,” DiCostanzo said. “He got up early in the morning at 6 am to get ready for launch, and he did this fabulous rocket ride at 8 am”

After returning to Earth, Shatner spent an hour with his friends and family, participated in press interviews for two hours, and posed for photos with the New Shepard rocket, DiCostanzo said.

When DiCostanzo met Shatner in Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village, where the astronauts are staying, in the afternoon, the TV star told him to “hurry up and have a sandwich because we have a flight to catch.” .

William Shatner sat next to winger Don DiCostanzo on a plane.

William Shatner sat next to winger Don DiCostanzo on a plane.

Don DiCostanzo

Shatner chatted during the entire two-hour flight to Los Angeles aboard Bezos’ private jet, DiCostanzo said. When they got off the flight, DiCostanzo said Shatner “bounced off the plane talking about where he was going to have dinner.”

“I slept four hours and was hanging out, and I’m 30 years younger than him!” DiCostanzo added.

Shatner wanted to take a bike ride the day before the launch, but Blue Origin staff members told him there was no charge. According to DiCostanzo, this was not true. “They didn’t want him to crash the night before,” he said.

Shatner also took a Pedego bike to Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village, which toured the site, according to DiCostanzo. Pedego Youtube video About the launch of Blue Origin, Shatner rides an electric bike after getting off a private jet.

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